Blues Benefits

Q.  What is a Blues Benefit?

A.  The most fun way to raise money for your school's football team, chess club, marching band, cheerleading squad,  your church group, any non-profit organization!

Here’s how it works:

1. Call ahead and set up a time and date with the Manager at participating King Street Blues locations.

2. On the date you have selected, get all of your friends, their friends, their friends' friends, their relatives, teachers, members of your organization... (I think you get the picture) and have them come dine at King Street Blues at the designated time.

3. When they are done dining, someone from your organization will get a copy of the guest check from your participants (only one copy)... we will tally up your total and donate a generous percentage to your cause!   

The more folks you bring in to eat, the more money you can make for your organization!

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